Most Wanted Features




Oh yeah, I’ve tried myself.


I’ll pm it to you ( patented secret :wink: )


Master FX would be great.
An option between normal and soft, let’s call it medium, when programming notes would be nice. Right now it seems like 100% volume or about 55%. Something around 75% would be nice, especially when programming drum fills
A long delay, something which could keep going for as long is a bar or two, would be nice, perhaps there could be two delay options, short or long. Although this might be stretching the abilities. And more FX for the sampler/open drum kit would be very welcome.

Time signatures, that’s too bad, but it is possible to work around it with a little creativity. I just finished a track in 7/8 time. Will be posting soon, maybe I’ll give a little tutorial on how to pull it off.


At the very least, maybe a feature where you can automate the tempo by simple measures(double or half, triple or third, etc.)?


I’m always under the firm belief that something is better than nothing x3 although this sort of solution might not do too much to address the desired feature. I’d think it would be simpler to set tempo by scene, than having some sort of loop-defined playback scheme. I like the idea though ^w^

Sadly, I don’t see it happening or becoming a priority anytime soon. At the very least now the devs see the desire and use of it. That’s enough for me to be satisfied with my personal crusade for this feature xD


Not sure what you mean by ”loop defined playback feature”, I just would like to see something like cut time.


Many times I suggested the following ideas, and I never see them back as potential new features, lets try again :

  • more capabilities for real time performance : clips triggering quantized on clip length, macro controls…
  • add an arpegiator and a chord generator (Cthulhu like).


More “effect” instruments to go with the sweeper.


Heck, an entire pack of effect sounds. Underrated.


Like this?

What's New in 5.2

If I may ask, what is your reasoning behind this? I personally don’t really see a need for this, but unlike other features you didn’t go into too much detail as to why this is the case.


Its more important that the devs focus on adding new music production features and put the aesthetic stuff off for a while. After all, Auxy already is a beautiful-looking app.

In addition to this, an “light mode” would theoretically cause Auxy to take a lot more power when active, and that could be a major problem.


Again, as I said I get that. Anyone who thinks about it can assume a reason. I wasn’t asking for the assumed reason though, I want to hear it from the devs themselves. And frankly, all it comes down to would be a color pallet swap. A few lines of code at best, if the colors were written properly and not hard-coded at every step which I doubt they were.

On that note, we just had a huge aesthetical update not too long ago with 5.1, and while it did improve workflow it also was a huge change in appearance (from dots to pseudo-pattern view). Aesthetics count for more than how you portray them. That isn’t to say Auxy isn’t beautiful looking; It looks and performs beautifully.

I’m not contesting that it may drain more power either. However, I’ve always liked the idea of having themes one can follow and become comfortable with. Customization would be a huge improvement, in my opinion, as someone who preferred the dots to the pseudo-pattern view we now have on loops.


I don’t think @TheRealJFalc is confusing any want over anyone else’s. And even if the majority doesn’t want it, wouldn’t it be amazing to introduce that idea to others who may not have thought about changing tempo?
If there were a tempo change, it sure would have made Psycho a lot easier to make


I do not disagree with you on this.
What I had previously said before was simply my two cents of input. My apologies for blowing my own horn as if I had authority. Would love to hear input from the developers as well as their words are going to be the most knowledgeable.




Just a short note on this, but if Auxy were to ever become some sort of a plugin, my ideal desktop plugin would be direct access to the synth engine within Auxy. I’m sure you’ve already thought about this though. Even though that’s a pipe dream, I feel anything beyond that might miss the intended audience of Desktop users.

Also, another side note here, but this would be a fantastic addition, and would account for so much of my personal struggles using the app. Even being able to set a bar to a value of 3, 5, 6 or 7 would be a great addition and would alleviate many of the struggles I have sometimes. I know it isn’t a high priority, or at least I’m assuming it isn’t, but it would be a welcome addition to truly pushing the limits of what Auxy presents it’s users.


I think auxy should add a vocaloid.

Also marble is a good sound


Yes marble is nice sometimes when used right