Most Wanted Features


maybe some aesthetic features, like a theme selector, or just a light mode?


I agree. It would be useful for sub basses, because there a tons of good Bass samples out there that could be good on a sampler, like the Boom Bass pack on Auxy.


Plucky Melodic Shots too and it will work perfectly
Long notes could have variation in length since the change in their pitch, not reliable for making long chord or Pads


That’s an oxymoron. :smirk:


nope, just providing different options :thinking:


wE nEeD eLecTiC gUiTRs!!!111! mY lUngS wIll litErrally xplOfE if I FonT G ret eleCtiC Guitawavaf!!!111


So sorry people are passionate about something. Chill


I agree with @Cornea … I guess…


FM option… P L E A S E



I think to more appropriately describe your request would be to have more instrument controls. Auxy already has FM controllers. It’s not usable by the end user. So what you want is more knobs on instruments and one of them to be FM. Lenberg already expressed he’s looking into expanding options for instrument settings.


I’m so happy to see this is something you’re considering adding. This is probably my most needed feature.

Are you planning on having this be a feature to fully craft your own instruments, or just a import single melodic sample and pitch it? It would be nice to be able to do that, but it would be cool if you could also sample the individual notes. Would there be a lot of options to shape and craft the sound to perfection? Just wondering about this.


Not sure exactly what you would be looking for in terms of “crafting to perfection”?


As in full sound design options.


“Record notes by playing”. @lenberg you mentioned tempo automation as being a “thing you think you need but might not”. In a similar fashion, recording notes by playing may in fact be the opposite: a thing maybe not every one is concerned about, but something they will absolutely love if implemented. It would certainly speed up the workflow, I mean how can it not? You just need good quantization functions, based on the grid division and a playing surface in app. Or barring that, midi IN in place of an in app keyboard. Though that would be very strange to be able to play outside the app but not inside. Some good touch screen instrument guis on iOS for inspiration: iKaossilator, Soundprism apps, KRFT, Figure/Groovebox/Reason Compact, Animoog (for being able to select notes displayed/playable individually), and I’m sure there’s more. PLEASE PLEASE give us a fun surprise!


Still waiting on the rest of the features here to be discussed, hope they’ll be added in soon.


I’m a long time lurker who wants to be a new user but Auxy’s inability to “record notes by playing” (as you posted above) is the single thing preventing me from being a subscriber right now.

For example, I love apps like Figure and Groovebox to quickly build beats by using a keyboard to experiment but then get frustrated because you can’t build & sequence a complete song out of those beats in the app itself.

In terms of helping new users get up to speed, the preset patterns in Groovebox are the best idea I’ve seen to date. So not only do you get preset patterns when you add drums but you can get them for other instruments like bass.

All said and done though, other than this lack of input method by playing notes, the rest of Auxy looks mindblowingly impressive to me. It’s everything I wanted in terms of sequencing & structuring songs.


People are getting more creative on how the handle projects. Simply saying “we don’t think this will benefit users” isn’t helping ambitious users as it kills off their creative process on something that could potentially be a total game changer.

When people think of DAWs, one of the first DAW they think of is FL Studio. Since Fruitly Loops has a lot of flexability, it significantly drives a user to do more than what they have initially thought they can do.


I’d love this, although there is a way to create microtones without it using automation @tornait




Using the in-between pitch values from long automation. It’s very imprecise though.