Most Wanted Features


Would definitely be awesome to be able to control the app with e.g. a Push controller, although what do you mean by Live plugin support?




Thanks for additional input everyone! Will continue updating the first post and eventually delete comments that have been “processed” so that we can keep this thread somewhat clean when new users pop in to see what’s up with the features they want to request etc.

So don’t get too worked up if I just delete stuff here, and if someone wants to dig deeper into a specific topic, you could create a new thread for it, and/or we can split out stuff that comes up here.


Yes. To allow us to ‘detune’ sounds as it were.

But actual semitones would be cool, too. Add more low end to a chord, or fatten a bass even more.


I still disagree with your stance on it, but thanks for the wording change nonetheless. It still doesn’t change the fact that, in order to do certain things we want to be able to do with Auxy, we do in fact need it. It simply comes down to your belief that it’s not important enough to implement, or at the very least don’t feel it an immediate priority and it could happen down the road if something were to change your mind.

I don’t want to argue about this though, I merely wish to express my beliefs on the matter, hoping that you may realize how important such a feature would be to some people.

I hope that this will be something included with the “more parameters” that he mentioned previously, as it is something that you’d set at the instrument level. As for actually placing semitones… you already can to do that. If you mean to make some notes sound louder, that would be something pertaining to a velocity tweak, which I think would be another fantastic addition to the program - having more velocity options on the note editor.


Cool. Added “fine tuning melodic sounds” to the list.


I do understand that you want this feature, which is fine and I’ve noted your request. I think you’re confusing what you want with what the vast majority of users care about though.


As a preface, I want to thank you that we (read: I) can remain civil and discuss this properly. All past attempts haven’t ended so well, so the change of pace is much appreciated.

I do acknowledge that I am one of the few vocal users requesting tempo automation or tempo by scene changes. But I’m not the only one, and I do acknowledge that in the grand scheme of things it isn’t as important as other features. I just really don’t like such a powerful tool being written off as “useless” muda muda muda muda muda!

That aside, I do hope that such a feature would be more desirable to a vast majority case of users. After all, some people never will know how something works unless they try it after all. It’s led me to countless discoveries within Auxy and other programs, helping me to push my own limits as well as the apps. I could deliberate and go into practical applications of such a thing, but I think that would be stretching it a bit too much.


@lenberg in reference to your counter to @TheRealJFalc, it is true that it is dificult to find a good electronic track that effectively uses tempo automation, (albeit HOME does a pretty good job in “If I’m Wrong”, and ive heard samples being sped up as really good glitch intros), id like to address the fact that electronic genres are not the sole craft of Auxy… that is to say there are other genres, yes with electronic elements, but not solely electronic thanks to the samples of real instruments that we have… Also id like to reference the phenomonal work that is OK Computer by Radiohead (a british alternative Rock) which implements electronic aspects extremely well and uses not only changes in tempo but also changes in time signature. There are a plethora of well produced tracks and albums, including but not limited to tracks of electronic genres, that use tempo changes and i believe that it is not merely a thing we “Think we want”, but a thing that many do not realize they want and actually may need… i know ive had times when i would have definitely used a feature like that… Sorry for the lengthy post, thats just been on my mind for a bit.


The urge to go and bring up every time you’ve said this is very strong, but I will refrain lest I turn into Aka.

Another note on this, but something that would be also nice would be the ability to shrink/grow the actual piano roll itself. Say for instance you were using chromatic and since there are tons more notes but you want to view all of it at once, you could shrink down the vertical height of the notes to accommodate more, similar to the fashion you would hypothetically zoom in to play with shorter notes easier. Conversely, you could make the vertical height of the notes larger for easier inputs and to focus on a specific part. Just some food for thought.


I’d also like microtonal tweaking.


Ah, I understand now. That would definitely be an interesting addition xD


Exactly :+1:t2:


That’s a huge compliment :heart_eyes:


Good examples! I’ll try to formulate this as I clear as I can though…

I agree that tempo changes can be used effectively to make good tracks. The same goes for adding vocals and I think we can all agree that using vocals is a bit more popular. So what I’m arguing here is that we need to put things into perspective when deciding which features should go into Auxy and in which order.


Yep - if 90% of people will use a feature, and only 10% will use another, it makes more sense to work toward the 90% feature. There’s only 24 hours in a day, and even though I only sleep about 5 of those I hear getting 8 is really nice :slight_smile:


I May not see the analogy but I agree 100%


In all fairness, the second part wasn’t really an analogy more a comment on there only being so much time in a day and needing to prioritize. Also, I am exhausted perpetually :sleepy:


Aha gotcha :wink:


This all sounds exciting! For me personally, I think adding a melodic sampler would be the highest on my list, but a lot of these would be useful. :+1: