Most Wanted Features


Great idea! I had a similar idea actually–but it was more pertaining to when creating new instruments and corresponding automation loops as opposed to the project itself (i.e. Maybe a four on the floor preset for drum kits, a simple syncopated hats loop, fade in/out automation, etc). Could also be useful for more experienced producers looking to get quick placeholder / permanent loop fixtures that fit their needs.


Actually a fantastic idea!

I was researching the other day and I discovered that nearly ALL the professional DAWs have a template system. This would be fantastic partnered a new and improved FX system as the templates could come with preset FX on the instruments/drums.


I have been thinking about this too for quite sometime


AUv3 support?


MIDI is at the top for me…


Well! Then you can start in descending order from my list :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

BTW, Everyone has their own personal favourite feature.


Possibly a future feature could have an Ableton Push AND Live plugin support?


Thanks! Will add to the list and then delete these posts to keep the thread compact.


Thanks! I have changed to “think you need but actually don’t” to make my point a bit clearer.


Thanks! Note that the list is in no way a list of things we intend to work on though, except if explicitly stated along with the corresponding comment.


This is added in the new version that we’re going to start beta testing very soon, so you will be able to use it soon as well.


Maybe I should add to the list the things that we actually think are high priority as well. Like e.g. making the app quicker to work with and sleeker overall with every new update.


Are you referring to tuning sounds in smaller intervalls than actual semitones?


Good! How could I forget this one. Will add to list.


So this was basically a somewhat complicated way to say you want to add the following to the list?

And by that I assume you mean the ability to set scene length to sub bar intervals?


Thanks! I love the loop current bar feature too.


Don’t get excited until you see them in the app, or at least announced for an upcoming version.


I’m not going to let any of you here speak for new users, since you’re all very experienced, but let go for adding additional content that could speed up track making. One thing we have thought a lot about is e.g. bundling a ton of drum loops that you can call up to get a beat going quickly, and features along these lines…


Thanks! Will add.


You might get to vote in some other thread…