More modes / scales, like Dorian, Phrygian...

My NUMBER ONE WISH for Auxy, is more mode / scale options. In prioritized order:

Phrygian Dominant
… and perhaps Mixolydian

Those are the most useful modes.

Pretty please? @lenberg ?? Isn’t it kinda easy to implement?

I know my modes, so Chromatic mode is of course possible, but I prefer being in Scale mode, so there’s more space on the screen, and less room for error. For Dorian I NEED to be forced / kept within that mode. Else I’ll suddenly be back in Minor :smiley:

Pleeeeeeeeeez? :pray:



More scales are something I’ve always wanted. Even scales that have 6 notes or 5 or 8. I really feel like Auxy needs more scales for people to experiment with. Almost all the Auxy tracks I’ve heard are in major or minor. (There are some tracks I’ve heard that are in a blues scales.)
The only problem there is with new scales is the demand. I don’t even feel like a lot of people use the harmonic minor scale. Has anyone used it in a song before?


I don’t worry much about scales personally. I just make what sounds good, and the fact we have Chromatic probably would be the reason we don’t have many scales


Correction: we have access to all the scales and modes but the difficulty is that the different modes must be achieved through the use of ones own knowledge in chromatic.


I’d love for D aolien

Aeolian is already possible.
(it’s simply called minor in Auxy)


F# pizzaiolo

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this is a fun idea, I’d like more scales. plus what if there was a function where you could change the scale or key in between scenes? that way you could write a key change in a song without having to do tons of work in a chromatic loop


Ooh that would be cool. Something where you could choose the key for each scene… that would be cool!

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Oh whoops


this is a must.

i asked Henrik a long time ago, if you can add other types of scales, i remember his response was something like you don’t need those scales because you have chromatic… maybe if you guys persuade him hard enough, then he’ll put on the LIST.



A custom scale feature would be nice for blues scale or pentatonic shenanigans


Yeah, maybe instead of adding a bunch of new scales, maybe a custom scale editor or something of the sort so people can have whatever scale they want?

yea many people don’t know about the chromatic option

Amazing idea, obio!

There are reasons I’m not using the Chromatic option, and prefer working in scale modes:

  1. Chromatic takes up more screen real-estate. On an iPhone, it’s more pleasant to have 7 tones/divisions, instead of 12, horisontally.

  2. Whenever I’m in chromatic mode, my brain and ear will gravitate towards minor. So even if I start with the resolve to make a track in dorian, it will end up in minor.
    When working within a mode, that can’t happen.

  3. It’s so much more intuitive and fast, to work in a mode, as all the intervals in the chords are so clear: 1-3-5 for a major or minor triad, 1-2-5 for a sus2, and 1-4-5 for a sus4.

Someone above asked how many are using the harmonic minor mode. My guess is, it’s very few. It’s a mode that’s made for a specific purpose, all the way back to ancient classical composer stuff, or something like that. To make the jump from the 7 to the tonic less abrupt. As an improvement to melodic minor, which intended to improve on the regular minor. Or maybe it was melodic minor improving on harmonic minor, can’t remember.
But fact is, most composers ended up using natural minor anyway, because, well, it IS called NATURAL minor for a reason. It feels natural.

The same uselessness said about harmonic minor can’t be said about the dorian, phrygian and phrygian dominant modes. They are used widely, in pop, rock, and electronic music.

Synthwave in the Pertubator and Carpenter Brut genre will benefit a lot from f.e. phrygian and phrygian dominant modes.

And if you look into Dorian on YouTube, you’ll find that it’s a mode universally described as hopeful, beautiful, touching. Some of Michael Jackson’s most heartful songs, were in dorian.

Dorian was also the scale used in many Ennio Morricone film scores for legendary spaghetti westerns. Again: because it’s a hopeful mode. Hence mesningful as a musical mode for describing human emotion.

So, c’mon, @lenberg … Pretty please? Some modes? It will vastly expand the utility and usability of Auxy :pray:t3: I’m not an app developer, but I imagine this being a low-hangin’ ripe fruit, ready for implementation?

Meanwhile, I’ll hum a hopeful melody… in dorian…

hummm hummm…



Miles Davis’ most famous work, “So What” is in dorian mode as well.

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