Moon Theme DnB Mix - E/E (James Lucien) [Drum & Bass, Retro, Remix]

This is my Drum & Bass remix of the NES’s classic Duck Tales Moon Stage theme! It’s, so to speak, rather out of this world! I hope you all enjoy it, I had a blast working on it and I really have stepped up my drumming game.

Really nice i love it!

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Getting goosebumps!!! Lol omg I totally remember this!!!

This is awesome. The intro and the chiptune melody sprinkled throughout with the updated synths and drums is awesome. Day square wave bass, man I really do like 8bit music it’s a genre I just can’t do…

I like the fade out back to the square wave melody too and overall fade out. I feel like people don’t use the song fade out enough I know it’s kind of old school but it’s so classic. Maybe that’s just nostalgia speaking I dunno.

Anyway this was great! :+1:t3:

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Thank you @Sylent and @iammane! You both are really cool dudes ^w^ Also Ice if you need some tips on 8-bit music I can send you the project so you can see how I did it and you too can start making some retro-style music!

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I’ve tried it in other software, I just don’t have a knack for it lol. That and country music. I think. I haven’t really tried that yet lol

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It’s not that difficult though! I believe you can do it, and it’s definitely possible to do something like it in Auxy using Stress at full tone. Nugget also works really well, so does Pasta and a few other basses pitched up in their upper registers as well. I’d recommend giving it a try ^w^