Mood based Auxy playlists

Hi, everyone! So @stereofield and I have started a web-based app that will play Auxy songs based on a mood that you, the user, will choose. Our app runs off SoundCloud playlists.

As well as the playlists, we also curate Spotify compilations! Please note we will not release any tracks with out the original artists’ consent. A full version of the rules is available on our Discord server.

Contact me or Stereofield for more information.
Compilation Submissions: (select Exclusive Post)

Thank you, and have a good day!


Wow cool!

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Cool . I hope you guys featured my track on the playlist

Hey there,

The way Auxmoods works is completely permissons-based. There are two ways to get featured on an Auxmoods compilation:

  1. You submit your song through our Coli network ( and thus give us permission to use your song. Again, the full terms are available on our Discord (link above).
  2. We request to use your song, and you accept the terms.

Basically, we’re not going to feature anything that we don’t have permission to distribute. If you’d like to be featured, either we’ll ask. you or you’ll ask us.

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Okey. Thanks

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Whoever made the website, I do agree that Bungee is the best font ever and should be used everywhere.


Lol, I made the concept and chose the font, then chip did the site. Bungee is gr8.

Using it everywhere would be overused :wink: But yes it’s a great display font.

Does everybody like the animation? Idk whether I should keep them…

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I love them!

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