Moments Passed - Remix Contest

Hello and welcome back to another remix contest! This time it’s moments passed because so many people blew it up on SoundCloud with almost 300 plays! Anyways, here’s the project link & some rules before you start remixing!

  • You can add your favorite C# 160 BPM sample or make your own but don’t remove the samples that are already used in the project
  • Keep the BPM as always but if you want, you need to pitch & tune the samples so that they match the BPM you’re using
  • You have to either post your remix in SC & YT or you can place a project
    link of it
  • Do anything fun you want to do in your remix!

There are no prizes this time. This will be just for fun!

Contest will finish at April 16 which is my birthday! Good luck & have fun!


Hey April 16 is my father’s birthday lol

oo ok ill try to remix this :)))

Here it is! Enjoy…!..??!,.!’bcxx

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Trap kinda inspires me

Hey man, maybe put most of your samples into like two or three drum kits. Not like two or one samples in a drum kit and so forth.
I didnt give it my all, but hopefully its good enough


1 month left until the contest closes

crap I need to hurry


10 days!

This is your last chance! After that, I’ll be announcing the results & moving on to the next contest (also I’m getting discord tomorrow let’s gooooooooooooo).

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time to announce the winners of this contest!

Here’s the results:

1st place: @AMA

2nd place: @FRUDS

3rd place: @Assasinerd

You all did great & an amazing job tho! Time for my final (auxy) remix contest. Hope to see you guys there (you guys have permission to take the project).

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Haha…I’m last! : D

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It’s better than nothing

ooo yay just saw this