Moemx – stratos // I'M BAAACKKK!

What’s up guys and gals :slight_smile:

I haven’t been around for a couple of months (which is probably only of interest for those who still know who I am :wink: ) but I felt the urge to get back into auxy a little more.

let me explain real quick: In April I started to study again - music production - where I’m working in logic, dealing with modular synths and basic recording / studio stuff. All of which is obviously ultra exciting and I’m exceptionally happy about my decision to push my work towards freelancing and study.

Then I had to give a presentation about a week ago, about any music software. And since I’m all about that excitement and inspiration, I chose auxy since it’s been a really great tool for me back then to actually get into production. I made a quick beat as a demo and since this community has been a major motivator as well I decided to say “hi you guys” again and ask around how everybody’s doing :slight_smile:

What’s up with everyone, how are things? happy to get some news.

Musically I’m now planning on involving auxy a little more into my producing routine… meaning I’m most definitely going to release off-auxy stuff soon, a little more complex and different though. But getting into the presentation I re-discovered the USPs auxy has had for me, so I wanna introduce that more.

Happy to get to know your new stuff as well.

much love,

:wave: :slight_smile:


Excellent choice. Have you had a play with VCV rack yet? If I had time to sit at a workstation and mess around with desktop software I’d be checking it out but between work and the kids there’s just no time for this right now. Logic is a great software, I mean there’s a lot of great software. Kudos to you man for taking the next step :slight_smile:

I was excited when I saw you checked out some of the recent stuff I put up, not because I got a comment or whatever, but because I know you hadn’t been around and I was like “YESS moemx is still around”.

As you progress I think you will find the immediacy of something like Auxy very appealing. As you use more software and apps you’re going to find what fits your workflow. It’ll ebb and flow too, never get in the mindset that you are locked into one tool and then that’s that.

At the end of the day we’re all just pumping out wave forms - it doesn’t really matter how it came together.

I’m getting ranty, sorry lol. Great track, looking forward to seeing hearing you about again :smile:


Glad to see you’ve returned with such an amazing track @moemx, been wondering where you disappeared off to.

In terms of workflow, I definitely like the immediacy of Auxy, but I’ve started working to use other tools as refinement for things Auxy cannot do without extreme workarounds or general inconveniences (iCloud being one of them). I’ve found exporting to midi is possibly the most important feature to me right now, as it allows me to get the ideas down without any hassle (if things don’t mess up in the process of course) and then refining it becomes much easier.

Btw, listened to our old collab again recently, we should do something to revamp it if you got the time ;3


whats up my man :slight_smile: haven’t played around with vcv racks yet, but this is right in the top 5 on my todo list :smiley: once I can carve out some free hours for that. yah… pity not being able to find the time for those things… wishing you some ultra motivated kids for all things music tech, that’ll probably ease your time-struggles a little :wink: :smiley:

Thanks for the love :raised_hands:

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thanks mate! let’s do that soon, will dm you :slight_smile:

more on there then :slight_smile:

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