Mixing vocals with beats

To all who mix vocals on beats, i just wanna know how you do it ? Cause i dont know that much and im having trouble mixing my songs, it doesnt sound so clean, i want it to sound clear, but mine becomes dirty, i can send files tom maybe . Help me !!

btw im using Fl studio for vocals and fx


I don’t think you have to blur that out lol, no one gonna freak out. It’s not like you could do it all in Auxy anyway.

What are you using (mic wise) to record the vocals? That’s going to have a pretty big impact on the overall sound. Your final mix is only going to be as good as the stuff going into it (polishing a turd and all that).

If the source is clear it’s just a matter of mixing accordingly. The tips in these videos are not Reason specific, Ryan over at Propellerheads does great tutorials this might be of help


I’ve never really mixed any vocals, but from what I’ve heard from users who do, it’s important to make sure the vocals sit on top of the music. I don’t really have any other tips though, sorry D:

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But, not TOO in the forefront or it will sound like karaoke, which you definitely won’t want…

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That too x3 maybe @xavior would have some tips and tricks

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I’m also doing a video on that :wink:


Yes, it’s not necessarily “on top” of the track, but more like fit in the track.

I agree it has to be recorded well, obviously. But beyond that you just treat it like you would any other lead sound, though with vocals you’re dealing with a sound whose tone is changing very quickly by its nature (different words, etc). So it may be necessary to apply a bit more automation depending on your intent, most likely volume, though some vocalists can maintain a pretty consistent volume. But yeah, you just want them to sound good in the context of the mix, like all the other instruments. But the vocals are the main focus when they come in, so you might shift perspective and ask “can I tweak the instruments around the vocals to make the vocals sound better”?

Confession: I only worked with a full vocal track a couple of times, the above are my impressions based on those experiences


I think a lot of it is just getting the rest of the mix right so the vocals aren’t buried. There are certain frequencies you want to duck a bit before you add in your vocals (I’ve only seen people do it, idk myself and haven’t done it either).
Also something about doubling the vocal track…

You don’t actually have to do much automation.
You just need compression.

Do you mean EQing the vocal track?

It’s not necessary to double the vocal, but doing so, and adding some extra effects makes the vocals sound fuller.

No more of the rest of the track w/o vocals. Mainly because voices tend to be around certain frequencies so then it makes the vocals pop out more.

Well call it automation based on amplitude input according to an envelope then :slight_smile:

Oh, yes.
It’s not necessarily “ducking” the volume of your tracks for the vocals, it’s more like not adding too much stuff in the “presence zone” (aka 2k Hz) and anything above and around there.


I thought vocals sat around 5k, which is also the frequency we can hear the best?

That’s where vocals sit.
The sloppy line that I have drawn.

Ps. That’s not a good drawing. Vox can go to 500 Hz, too.

depends on the track. Most likely you want to have your vocals louder than your overall track. Adding reverb pushes it into the mix more. And it also depends on your mic aswell.