Mixing/Mastering Your Songs With FL Studio

Any tracks you’d like me to add master effects to and beef or fill up abit, leave a mp3/wav link, SoundCloud, or project file below. I’m only taking 5 requests right now. I’ll repost this when I’m open for more if available.


I’d like to compare non-mastered to mastered. Thanks man: https://soundcloud.com/shephe/unsheathed

I wouldn’t consider adding master fx to an mp3 either mixing or mastering.


Ok, I’ll have it done within a few hours. Would you like it as a soundcloud link, google drive, or Dropbox?

Just soundcloud would be fine. Thanks for the work man, interested to see how it sounds :smiley:

My bad dude, I was out all weekend. I promise ill have it done Monday

No worries man, no rush :v:


because 1) mp3 is nast and compressed and 2) auxy does live mixing, and mastering.

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Yes, you’re right. MP3 is the worst.

Actually, the audio engineering features on Auxy are really limited.
I wouldn’t call it actually mixing and mastering either.

alright but lenberg said that…

if i recall correctly @Auxy

Despite the limited audio parameters users have access to in Auxy as opposed to a desktop daw, the Auxy audio engine can, with careful attention to detail, sound mastered and what not. I mean if a track sounds mastered, but it wasn’t, does that mean it’s mastered? This is about sound right?

While it is live mixing it may not be able to truly be considered mastering as mastering is usually done post production, from what I’m gathering. And while it is very good it isn’t perfect.

But yeah do not even try to master on an MP3. not even a WAV unless you have individual parts for each instrument. It’s just a bad idea.

I’m a firm believer that if it sounds right, it is.

However, there is far more to mastering than making a track sound good.

As an example, it’s not uncommon to create a number of different masters to accommodate the different mediums in which it will be played.

So while it’s possible to create a good mix with Auxy, it simply doesn’t provide the tools needed for mastering.


I was just thinking about mastering, I think there ago be an auxy for the desktop

As mentioned many times before by numerous people, this either won’t be happening or is so far into the future it may not be worth waiting for Auxy. Apparently, if you own a mac, there is a new project that sometime this year will emulate iOS apps on the Mac OS. Windows users won’t have this option, of course, and who knows how functional this emulation would even be.

I’d highly encourage you to look into a desktop DAW if you are interested in mastering. They have stuff built in already for that by design, and don’t do it for you. That’s your best option.


Ok I finished
Slight differences in the drop because it’s just a bass lead


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