Mixing for best quality: MP3 or PNG?! HELP

Okay guys so i’m in a predicament. I am using Auxy to produce and I absolutely love it, however I started with Ableton & the mixing capabilities in Ableton are really good with lot’s of detail involved so now that I have a Macbook again I wanna expand upon the songs i’ve made in Auxy in Ableton Live. When moving projects from Auxy to Ableton I was exporting the live set & only working with the MIDI because I have a theory that mixing the instruments that are applied to the MIDI instructions directly equals higher quality. While i’ve been able to get great results using Ableton’s instruments which are really shapeable & flexible they sound different for sure which is cool, but they lose the essence of the Auxy projects. Even then getting them to sound exactly the same i’m sure is possible, but that’s a major time investment that I feel could actually be a waste because it’s attempting to replicate something that already exists. Are the WAV files of exported Auxy sounds of high enough quality to be mixed into a final project? Should I removed all automation and essentially mix them again? Do I remove all EQing, reverb, delay, distortion, place all volume on full and mix those exported files? Should I leave attack and release on preferred settings just cuz the instrument’s sound length is pretty dependent on those 2 factors? Help me ya’ll. How do I get Grammy quality sound?! :white_heart:

Plus can Auxy just have a plugin for Ableton Live with all the instruments which can automatically attach to the Ableton Live Set file exported from Auxy so that we can export MIDI to Live and still have our lovely Auxy sounds but with super detailed tweaking capabilities?? I’ll pay anything!

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If you like how the stems sound out of Auxy then use them. If not, then replace them. Ableton Live set export gives you both right? So you could mix and match accordingly?


yes, Ableton live set gives us both WAV files and MIDI. Thank-you for the feedback! :smiley: