Mixed signals - Fuujiya [Collab] 🤔

If anyone is interested just know I only make future bass and lofi. But this song I want to make very interesting lol hmu

I’m interested in broadening my horizons

Nice I’ll be in touch

If you want you should check out my SoundCloud so you can see how I could conceivably contribute… not trying to self promote… :sweat_smile:

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Yeah I’ll check it out to see

That song stars is nice I think I got a sort of idea where I want this song to end up like…you should check out my SoundCloud also to kind of get a idea of what music I make also :slight_smile:

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Just finished listening to the ep you posted in the finished tracks. I like the style (albeit repetitive,:upside_down_face:) and I think we could do some cool stuff

Edit: Repetition isn’t always bad. I’m not judging😅 just check out my earlier stuff…

Pls don’t

Zen’s Garden is my favorite on the ep

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Yeah I try to be as creative as I can but not to redundant lol but sometimes it’s a little to hard for me to transition into a new sound and that’s were you can come to play…I’ve noticed in your tracks they don’t sound repitive at all which is a plus for me lol

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And yeah my old stuff sounds pretty horrid lol

So does mine believe me… my first track, Awakening, I was so proud of. Now I think it’s a garbage fire😂

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Yeah some of the tracks I made back then I don’t even keep on SoundCloud only on auxy lol but yea I’ll see what ideas I’ll get for this new track after I get off work


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@Fuujiya hey i would love to check out that project and collab/remix if you finished it! PM me!

Yeah we’ve finished it