Mixed Moods - Thoughts?

What do you guys think of the new pack?


Pretty textural stuff. Dig it.


Still waiting for the neurofunk pack…

For real though, most of them are nice and I think you can use them for lots of stuff too. Not really what I make but they sound nice!


I like maple

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Initial thoughts

I personally am not a fan of this pack, though some sounds are somewhat unique, namely Cathode, Nostalgia, and Ticklish.

Other instruments could be replicated with existing sounds, for example Maple sounds similar to higher pitched Voodoo or Crude, Cathode sounds similar to Manta, Spiry sounds similar to High Heels, etc etc

I’d like to see a new selection of piano samples in the future


I agree, but I feel this has been an issue with most of the packs for the last couple of months. I feel many sounds are too close to sounds we already have.


I think it’s a good pack, I’ll probably use it quite a bit


I feel that this would be remedied with more artists coming and working with Len and Fredrik. Also… a bigger overall team than just two guys. Maybe… five? With people woking on a certain aspect of the app? Or maybe an open-ended approach like how Audiokit does with SynthOne.


Aren’t all sounds just tweaked other sounds? That’s what this whole deal is. They’re selling the twists, no? Anyway i kinda feel like this pack is a mish mash of sounds that didn’t make the cut for the last few packs. Still appreciate em tho


It does seem that a lot of the sounds in this pack are similar to sounds we already have…


not sure if this was just me, but i mostly prefer demos where the new sounds are showcased in a song instead of just roots and single scenes :man_shrugging:


True, but I miss having more unique and bespoke sounds. A lot of the packs over the last few months have sounded more amateurish and generic than the packs we used to get. Producers who use other DAWs have noticed these sounds being “stock” sounding. Just my opinion on the packs, I feel like while they used to be very consistently amazing, now they’re consistently mediocre with an occasional few great sounds.


Yeah, feels pretty low effort to me. Came out on the 2nd to last day of the month which means they could’ve procrastinated till the last minute and just done quick low effort sounds


And in my honest opinion, all the packs have been kind of like this recently. I’ve spent years defending Auxy, but the sounds have just felt really bland lately and I’m starting to look into other softwares to get more of the sounds I want. I’m hoping the packs either improve or we get the ability to create our own sounds. I love Auxy and really prefer it to all other software, but I haven’t been happy with the quality of packs lately. Just my opinion.



Improved the demo track

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Part of this is that most of the most common sounds have already been implemented.

I think that it would be far more useful to us users if the developers worked on features that allow us to further customize existing sounds than to just add more and more similar sounds.


I agree for sure.

I love it!

It’s dope and I like using it.

Its definitely meant to be improvised synths. I wouldnt use it as a lead personally but it would compliment different genres for sure!