Mix/Master in Auxy?

How independent is Auxy when it comes to mixing & mastering? From my understanding we don’t have mastering features in Auxy and all of the knobs are for attaing a proper mix right? Plus I read about carving when you mix tracks- sure that can be done in automations correct by selectively reducing volume or using lowpass in certain segements? Plus how much of that is even necessary- live bands don’t carve- or do they? Rock bands didn’t master live stuff and people love that, right? When I throw my one whole Auxy WAV track of a whole musical song into Garageband how much do I need to EQ it there? Does it need an overall, echo, reverb, compression? Or can the track made in Auxy sound good enough without external intervention? Plus any Auxy specific differences from these tracks vs tracks made in other DAWs that we need to know of? I read on one of these posts something about not needing to reduce volume on each track cuz it will not clip anyway? Correct me if i’m wrong. Please let me know any info you guys have on this, I will greatky appreciate it! I just want my EP to sound as good as possible, oh gosh can’t wait for the update!


I don’t have much information to offer, other than that Auxy will clip when pushed. Looking back on the waveforms just in my Soundcloud, I’m a bit embarrassed to see them bars sitting at the top.

Perhaps you can move Auxy over to a programs if you’re really worried, but I think you can control it simply through volume controls and lowpass alone. I’ve been getting the ear for it lately, and since I can’t be bothered crossing platforms, I just export my songs to a free app called AudioCopy, and I can see what I’ve done wrong in a quick glance.

But that’s just my rookie advice.

So yeah, essentially if it looks like this hot mess, go and remix:

Yeah, Auxy does not offer any audio engineering.
It does put a default compressor limiter and the master buss when you bounce your song out, but that isn’t the best.

“Carving” isn’t really about just low pass filters, it’s about high pass, low pass, and every other frequency range, and Auxy doesn’t provide any actual EQ, so it’s not possible it actually mix in Auxy.
And live bands do “carve” because they have an audio engineer doing their mixing for them. All their audio is going to the engineer and he mixes it to sound good, and then the audio is sent to the speakers. Band - Audio Engineer - Speakers

And as far as bouncing a track to a DAW, I ALWAYS recommend that. I wouldn’t recommend GB because it only has 3 bands on it’s parametric EQ, so it’s not very useful. And, don’t put any echo or reverb on a master, it’s not a part of mastering, and it just sounds bad on a master buss.
Here are the 3 parts of mastering:

And, you do need to reduce volume of your tracks, because even though the track won’t clip (the app adds a limiter to prevent clipping) it will distort which is just as bad as clipping

Here’s a great awesome if you want to learn more about mastering:

And, I realize that getting an actual DAW is not possible for some people because of the DAW’s prices, so here is this great online mastering service called Landr. All you have to is send them a track, and they’ll send it back to you as a mastered audio file.

Another audio engineering tip from Nick. :wink:

Btw, I am an audio engineer. I do mixing and mastering and I work for a AV (Audio Visual) Company, so you can trust me.


Same tho, but clipping levels are hard to deal with

Well, I tried Landr out. Not exactly the best quality.

Did you get a MP3 or a WAV?

But, yeah, sometimes Landr doesn’t get it right because it’s just a robot doing the mastering. No one can compete with a human audio engineer.

An mp3. Most likely cause I used the free version

Bro, MP3s are not good quality. Soundcloud’s horrible because they use MP3s. iTunes uses AAC which is better, but the best is a WAV.

Well, I did try, but Landr requires the $$$ for .wavs

And also I always use uncompressed wav files and export them to soundcloud.

Oh, yeah, I understand. haha.

Auxy actually uploads the .wav uncompressed files to Soundcloud, this has been confirmed by Lenberg himself. Soundcloud compresses the file for streaming, but if you download it, you’ll get the uncompressed version if you were to upload it straight through the Auxy app.



Yes, but people don’t download music anymore.

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That is true. Well, I still do but that’s beside the point. I’m old fashioned.


Haha. So am I. Plus, I’m a DJ so I need a downloaded file to play it.


Anyone know what audio sample rate is for exports?

For Auxy exports?


Oh, no idea.