Mistakes really mistakes?

Hey all,
I recently submitted an EP into Amuse to put onto stores, but just now, three days before it releases, I’ve found an error in one of my track files I uploaded. It’s a small error, something I thought I could never miss since I went through the track for mistakes earlier, but it’s basically just an error where I forgot to activate an automation that lowers the pitch in some hi-hats at the end of the 8-bar loop. It’s not a HUGE deal since it doesn’t affect the whole loop, but it’s still bothering me since all other loops with the hi-hat pattern descend in pitch because of the activated automation.
I was about to stop the submission and re-fix it, but then I realized that not all music has to be perfect. Music is an art, and art doesn’t mean everything is uniform and orderly. There are no rules for creativity and content, so one pitch automation that didn’t happen doesn’t have to be called a mistake after all! Maybe variety and not having each hi-hat loop descending in pitch at the end can be allowed and called creativity! This is what stopped me from doing it, and I hope you all agree that sometimes mistakes don’t have to be called mistakes. Maybe to you it is super bothering, but to other people, they would never know! If they come across it and notice a difference then I still don’t think they’ll put it off as a mistake.
I hope this is encouraging to you all that your music may not be perfect to YOU, but there is no perfect in music anyway, so just enjoy it as an art and accept that it won’t always be spot-on. Have any of y’all also had this experience?


A few years ago I decided that all of my recordings would be live takes.

I still clean things up in my DAW, but the imperfection in my performances have given my music new life.


This is kiiiiind of why I was toying with using Blocs Wave, Groovebox and then recording everything in Launchpad…

I used to have a lot of hardware, and while I don’t have the time or space for it now, there was A LOT (and still is) to be said for having a physical box you can touch and interact with, and the PERFORMANCE of a piece rather than worrying about nudging midi data around by 32nds and over-perfecting everything.

I still haven’t quite gotten around to going down this path, especially since performing a piece a 160bpm+ is a little scary to think about, but maybe. We’ll see :slight_smile:


I should clarify that I’m typically tracking each part in separately and making heavy use of sequencers and pre-made loops.

I prefer to bounce everything to audio asap, so live tweaking everything as it records has just become part of my process.

Oh yeah totally, I was just thinking more of using Launchpad for the triggering and recording, as a “performance” medium I guess. It leaves room for those happy accidents and while it’s still not as tactile as a full on piece of hardware or even a nice controller, it’s still a little more touchy feely. All the prep work would be done by conventional means for sure

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I have extreme OCD so literally, If I don’t think It’s perfect, I don’t post it.

Probably why I haven’t posted in months