MIDNIGHT - MIX:3 [house]

Hello everyone, I’ve been in the works recently and I’m currently reaching for some help. On this track, the drum set seems weak and flat. This track will be added to my upcoming album MIX one. Go flat out crazy, the sky is the limit; however, I need all submissions in whenever.


So, what exactly are you asking for? To keep existing drum patterns, but brighten them? Boost em? Completely revamp em?

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You can do anything you want, I was just stating that the current drum set wasn’t matching the sounds.

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If i have the time, I’m down. :wink:

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Here’s the Ableton Live project for Mix=3

If anyone has Live, feel free to use that.

I do not, haven’t reinstalled it on my new computer yet, can you send a mp3 file?

Nah, fam, these are your MIDI stems.
It’s not my remix.
It’s basically for anyone else that wants to collab with you.


So, I have decided to remove the deadline for this file, send me what you guys came up with. I’ve got a few more tracks that some of you guys might be interested in. Stay tuned.