Midnight - [Jax] [Future Bass?]

Here is my track for the New Years contest. Now, before you say, “This sounds just like Alan Walker’s Faded!” I wasn’t aware that my title and song sounded similar to this song until one of my friends pointed it out after I posted the song. If you don’t think that, then great.

Now with all of that out of the way, Enjoy!


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The song is called Fading… How could you not see it…

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Someone suggested to me i should name it fade, but i decided that fading fit it better. but, i dont know man. :sweat_smile:

Mmmmm okay

For a song called “Fading” that ISN’T supposed to sound like a song called “Faded” :thinking:

i think im gonna change the title tonight.

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Good idea

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Fixed. Link should still work