Midi tempo sync

Hello. I’ve been trying to incorporate Auxy into my hardware setup to play live.
Ableton link is only good for syncing tempo with Ableton Live or as @akabillposters pointed out, I could use an app that enable ableton link for midi devices.
The problem is that in a live set, you don’t want Link to Midi app or Auxy to be the tempo master, but the drum machine.

As far as I understand, Auxy can be syncd other than via Ableton link. I have other apps that do recieve tempo sync from hardware, so I know is possible

I implore future support for midi in tempo sync.

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I use Auxy alongside Aum on my iPad.
I have an iPod running Korg’s SyncKontrol app to keep my Volca’s in time.

I’m pretty sure once software or apps are “Linked” the concept of master and slave goes out the window. It’s more like hive mind - any app you change tempo it will map that same tempo to all linked apps. That’s been my experience using Auxy with blocs wave and Groovebox at least, changing tempo in (any) one of them changes them all.

Yes. That applies to apps, but no hardware - apps. Link makes the apps the tempo masters. :frowning:

Just to expand on this at a higher level, and in relation to Auxy’s user experience principles, I think Auxy turned out to be more powerful and desirable than its original use case and focus. I take my hat off for Auxy’s design excellence and cohesion, but as I said, it should consider expanding beyond the mobile (as on the go) experience.

I don’t think it needs to go all the way traditional DAW at all, It just needs a few extra flexibility points.
@Auxy I would be happy to provide more in depth feedback / ideas. I am a UX designer and have significant experience in iOS, Android, Web etc…

Ahhhh fair enough, yes no link compatible HARDWARE. I can’t see that happening any time soon :confused: since it’s a software standard

Yes. However straight MIDI is not impossible. For example this app http://samplr.net/ takes midi in (and tempo sync) via MIDI interface from hardware.
Wouldn’t be nice to add support for that on Auxy?

Amen. I think that Auxy getting as much as possible while maintaining the speed and ease of use is all that matters. The fact is, we’ve got beginners and advanced users here and as long as the app can deliver to both audiences then we’ve got a clear winner on our hands :slight_smile:

Beginner here, I’d love to learn how to use Auxy between apps, but have no bloody clue. Are there any resources I can check up on? :grin:


This might be helpful? Advanced sampling with Auxy and Ableton link

Whoops, how did I miss this… cheers :blush:

Np, things get lost in the shuffle lol :slight_smile:

I think it’s definitely helpful for people who are looking to use only iOS for production.

It is, and I’ve already almost broken Auxy/my phone by turning the tempo up to 999 in Blocs Wave with Link on :sweat_smile: I’m hoping to incorporate Auxy into my laptop DAW workflow once I can afford Ableton Live :grimacing:

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AFAIK only Reason and Live support Link if you’re looking to do specifically that. FWIW, both are great DAWs. They don’t come cheap but both are rock solid.

Thank god for the student discount on Live :heart_eyes: