MIDI Out using lightning connector


Exactly. I will not subscribe again until we get more clarity from the developer. Plenty other apps out there.


Good luck finding one like Auxy though. Most other programs are usually too complex for mobile or just too over simplified.
Kinda hoping for a roadmap as well tho


It’s a double edged sword. A developer of any application can’t afford to lay out ALL planned features because you run the risk of having ideas stolen before you’re able to ship to market, so I get that.

On the flip side, it does help to have little tidbits out there to whet the appetite. It comes down to a healthy balance of both.

There are plenty of apps out there, and as a consumer, I would encourage everyone to try out many different kinds. Everyone has different workflows and there’s no right or wrong answer. After you’ve tried a bunch you’ll see which work the best and which produce the best and fastest results.


At least some sort of roadmap would be much appreciated, as the one mentioned in “The future of Auxy” is getting a taaaad bit outdated…

Especially when considering it is a subscription-based service, I think that as recurring-payment customers we should have a little more foresight into what’s on the table. For example, being able to do a community or app-wide vote on an upcoming feature would be great, that way they can tell what users want the most out of Auxy and design around that. Especially when it comes to obtaining sample pack licenses, I’m sure that some users would love to vote for different types to license.


MIDI support for Premium version, please.