MIDI Out using lightning connector


I am a long time Auxy user and I still use the old version of the iPad App purely because it had the ability to route to external MIDI devices through the lightning connector. My main limitation with the old app is that I can only have 4 tracks (and hence use only 4 different MIDI channels). It would be great to have more than 4 tracks (which the new Auxy supports).

This is a request to put MIDI out functionality into the new version of Auxy (which I also subscribe to). There is a noted lack of apps that actually do this well on iOS so I think it would give Auxy more distinction as being a great MIDI sequencer for external gear. Auxy is hands down my favorite MIDI editor app – very intuitive and fun to use, I just need some extra functionality to make it work great with my external gear.

Thank you for your consideration.



I’m in the same boat.
The original Auxy was an integral part of my studio, but I’ve pretty much given up hope of MIDI coming back.

Have you tried Xequence?


Like, i’d like to use my old Casio to make music. Please make this happen, @Fredrik


They did mention previously that not enough people used the feature to justify re-implementation, and it wasn’t on their roadmap.

However, I do think that with enough people suggesting it, it could become something for the future. One can only hope, at the very least, that they’ll take it into consideration among the other things planned.


We agree that this is a nice use case, which is why we added it to the classic Auxy version. The reason we’re not bringing it back is that it’s not being used by a lot of people and it will create unnecessary complexity in the form of “how do I render a track including external synths/apps” etc.


While I completely understand what you are saying, the context for me is more about using Auxy in a live/improv performance workflow - I have other things (zoom recorder/computers) that can record/render the performance (including the output of my iPad/Auxy any my external synths/Eurorack modules).


I love Auxy and I respect that you don’t want to develop and support midi. The thing is you can’t really argue that midi is underused. Most music apps do support it. Midi is everywhere and it’s still the best and only way to connect all your hardware and software. Isn’t it just a design choice? To keep it simple and promote Auxy only songs?


They previously gave three reasons as to why MIDI support was dropped.

  • Not a lot of people knew about it or used it.
  • It’s a mess of cables that interfered with the design
  • There isn’t enough demand for it to be returned for it to be worked on.

To be fair, #2 is always the case with physical hardware, but that really doesn’t impact Auxy as a product. It’s not a big enough feature that it’s seen as important though, but perhaps in the future that will change.


Not an issue with virtual or bluetooth MIDI. :wink:


Just reiterating the reasoning they gave last time, I’m sure it’s changed in the last 4 years since the iPad version originally came out with the feature implemented


I find points 1 and 3 interesting as well.

Reason Compact was slammed on release for not having MIDI.
So much so, it was added a few weeks later.

I guess Auxy and Reason appeal to different markets?


I’d definitely agree on that regard. Auxy, despite the efforts to move towards a singular mobile studio experience, seems to only be attracting very young musicians and hobbyists, rather than professionals and people who would desire the advanced features that some keep asking for but aren’t a priority. Whether that be from a lack of marketing or awareness, it’s simply how it is. I wonder whether or not this could be addressed moving forward. I for one am open to more users and especially those who seek to get the most out of Auxy.

Then again, those same people could already have been put off in the past and aren’t willing to try a second time. Who knows? :\


I already stated our reasoning above, so no need to paraphrase what’s been said and cause additional discussion. Thanks!


My apologies. I wrote this after a rough night of work, and for some reason I thought there was a reason that was stated a long time ago that wasn’t already restated. I wanted to more address that while MIDI is definitely used, it isn’t used in the context of Auxy.

That being said, I don’t feel that positive discussion should be discouraged, and in this case I don’t feel that it was necessarily negative, and it was interesting to observe the needs and audience of Auxy as a whole.


You don’t want us to discuss auxy features in the Auxy Feedback forum?



I think what he meant more is that I shouldn’t simply restate something he already had said. Which to be fair I did sort of do unintentionally without realizing.


@Lenberg Midi out is provided by many apps and used by lots of people so I feel this would be a great addition to Auxy. Please add this.

Have you any plans to support iOS AUV3 apps?


He has no plans for including MIDI input for Auxy, unfortunately


Okay. That is disappointing. I’ve not been on this forum much lately. Has any new features been revealed by the developer?

How can the Auxy team expect people to subscribe without letting customer’s know what’s coming next? I don’t get it.


Yeah. I cancelled my subscription and moved on to more capable apps. Loved Auxy, but as a subscription service it’s lacking.