Mideast (Mosh Pit Session) by Somebodys Someone [EDM, Rock, House, Remix]



As always, any input would be nice…
Much much apreciated ty

So you’re saying we can remix it?

I like the track.

I’m really not hearing the influence (or relevance) of many of the genre tags you’ve used.

e.g. #punk, #metal, #rock and maybe even #dnb

It’s not always a good idea to include genre tags unless there’s a clear connection. It can actually damage the success of the track and your account on SC.

Yup… really looking forward for anyone to remix it.
I’ve already make the club version, i’ll upload it this night.
Plus all my tracks on soundcloud downloadable.
Ty Ty

Yeah, i think about it to
Many2 thanks to the input.
Im dont know how to describe what genre my music is. As i originaly a drummer, so i used to describe my music genre according to drum beat.

Can u help me describe what genre this track is?
Ty ty

I’d agree with the main genre you use and all the other genre tags apart from the ones I listed previously.

Ouu ic ic

Np :wink: