Michaelgiron [Collab?]

Hey guys!
I’m new here. I am looking to collaborate with someone. I’m hoping to find someone that can provide lyrics and vocals. I constructed the song with intro, verse chorus and outro in mind. I plan to add more depth to the sound once someone can provide the vocals.


Just a quick note - I saw this is an audio file, that’s cool - but, you might get more interest posting an Auxy file export so others can crack it open and work on it too!

Oh snap. I didn’t j is you could do that lol I’ll try that for sure

Not sure if this is how you do it. Hopefully it works. https://app.auxy.co/projects/yP3__5_VN2fuYYaa_gI-lQ==

I left for almost a year and i come back to people i’ve never met making amazing things. well done. very well done.

Same with me? I left Auxy when the app cover was still blue. A lot has changed and I’m happy that Auxy has gone so far.

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