Mic Problems, help

Guys I’m trying to record a YT video but my mic keeps having techinal problems. anyone know how to help?
the problem is that it keeps “Fizzling” out at random points during the recording, like someone just added some highpass automation at random points in the recording.

I use a SHURE MV88 cause I’m poor and already owned it, if that helps anyone.

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What software are you using to capture audio, Audacity? I’d recommend looking up troubleshooting for that and the mic itself.

No, the SHURE mic I use plugs into a mobile apple device and records audio w/ the SHURE Motiv app.

have you tried restarting

ah, hm… try their website I’ve never recorded on an iPad before

have you tried duct tape and zip ties

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TUrn the WiFi off and then on again

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*duk tape


plz no

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Plz yes

If you have any fuzzy or muffle sounds i would suggest using VoiceMeeter its customization its good for getting those fuzzy etc. sound off your recording. This is just a suggestion. Hopefully this software helps.

Edit: And i also realized that i am in Produc’s post. I didnt know till now.

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I’d recommend the mXi-1794000-XT1.html mic

Comes with a processor, soundboard, and free sauna

Only costs 5.2 million. saved me a bunch