Merry Christmas, Everyone!

To be frank, I’m extremely grateful to everyone in this community. Music is well, one of the only things I have left to keep me company or to really get me going through the day and release the happy awesome chemical.

Thanks, @obexg, @Osharu, @EVERANGE, and @Aqzi for being such cool guys in the past year! Your music is outstanding, too. If I missed you, know that I still appreciate you. Also @The_Osprey because he’s epic

This app is incredible, and I don’t think I’ll stop using it until I somehow get to understanding how the heck Ableton works lol

2020 is just the beginning of a new decade, and I look forwards to growing with you all in the years to come. : )

This is probably the only post I have that’s serious and not complete stupidity but uhhh Merry Christmas
(Don’t ask for presents because I’m not that kind)


Thanks buddy! Unfortunately, I’m quitting music production all together. After 5 years of working and no payoff, it doesn’t really seem worth it to me anymore. I’ll still be around to listen to y’all tho. Merry Christmas to all!


I want presents

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A present? I’ll give you a free virtual coupon to follow and promote my Soundcloud page! : D

Have you no shame mortal? Also I think you forgot my name in the mentions :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I have no shame. lol

dw ill add u to the mentions smh

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Much better :relieved:

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Merry Christmas!!!

Merry Christmas :gift: Everyone

Wow almost three years I’ve been here now

Yay happy holidays! Thanks @AnirudhKhanna and I know you’ll keep making great stuff! I think you keep underrating yourself so keep your head up!

Looking forward to 2021 being hopefully a little better than 2020! :joy:

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merry christmas homie :heart:

Good information thanks for sharing

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thanks, anirudh. nice to see you. it’s been a while.

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Marry January 13th

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