Melodic samples?

I have a few questions about the samples.

  1. Can you use melodic samples

  2. What is the max length for the sample

  3. Can you sample other songs with this?

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Also I’m at school now

You can have up to ten seconds on a drum sample. It’s for drums but I have used it to sample guitar.
Here’s an example (skip to about a minute in)

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  1. Yes, but they will only be playable through the drum kit and they function like a drum sample
  2. I’ve heard ten seconds.
  3. The possibilities of sampling is endless. There’s legal trouble involved with sampling things you aren’t allowed to though.
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People sample all the time I should be good

Just because everyone else does it doesn’t mean it’s legal. You could still be held accountable for sampling illegally. I’d recommend looking up the legalities.


Yes, I agree.

Just in case you weren’t convinced about making sure what you sample is legal:

I was part of a music label, and one of the artists got removed from the roster and all of the label’s promotion because he had sampled a drum beat and a couple vocals from a popular song without notifying the label or clearing it with the original producer.

A single drum sample is all it takes. :l


What don you mean by “melodic samples,” though?

I think he means like a set of notes in a sequence (such as an arpegio) that can be sampled instead of a single sound or percussion noise (such as a vocal note or a drum beat).

Like loops?

im not sure but i’d have to assume it’s something along those lines.

Okay, loops are sounds that have been played out to a melody or harmony.
One-shots are single hits of a sound. Drum sounds are one-shots.

right. i’d have to assume he’s referring to loops then since it’s really straightforward to sample one-shots.


but @HELIXX please clarify what you were referring to since only you know :smiley:



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To answer your question, it’s possible for sure but you have to be careful of the length and how you use the samples or it might clip itself.

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Well i tried to achieve Melody on samples with pitch like people said on here.But it sounds too weird sadly
It sounds like it speeds up.

(Check the last 4 bars)

I don’t here anything