Melo. - An OG label returns

Hey all :smiley: so…

Short version:

melo. is back!!!

Longer version:

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So depending on how long ago you have joined, you may or may not remember some of the original “Auxy” labels (I use the term “Auxy Label” sparingly in this case as the music is not Auxy exclusive but rather accessible to the Auxy community). Some of you may have been around long enough to remember Freeform, which is considered by many to be the father of label releases for many within the Auxy community. One of my personal favorites from the era was melo., a label founded by @anon73773654 and curating a focused yet diverse array of chilled out tunes. Despite never producing music in that specific genre I’ve always taken a liking to listening to that type of music, and as such was quite dismayed when I found out it was shutting down.

Anyhoo, as of a few weeks ago I contacted Sana about continuing the label and we came to agreement that as I already manage a couple of labels, I could handle Melo as well. So this means melo’s back in business!

Currently the label accepts music broadly pertaining to lo-fidelity / ambient / chill trap genres. If you’re interested in releasing a track with the label, contact me through Disco DMs. The melo. discord etc. is pretty nonfunctional and will likely stay that way. Releases are exclusive, full distribution is included, etc. etc. all that good stuff.

First re-debut release is coming in a few days featuring @Toveii. Adios :night_with_stars::bridge_at_night:


thinking about dming you some stuff from an upcoming chill dnb ep i might be finishing soon :thinking:


Glad to witness the return of this awesome label! I had a lot of fun releasing with it and even from a year ago it still brings back good memories…

Super stoked about the TOMii track, I’ll make sure to check it out once it’s out!


Cool news. How is Sana doing? Always enjoyed hearing her work and was impressed by how quickly she carved out her own sound.

Looking forward to hearing the new stuff! Arimyth you one busy cat, man haha :smile_cat:


Melo. — An OG baller returns


Tbh I’s probably never be able to make it on here

damn right when i was about to bring freeform back… :wink::wink:

i really loved this label, i released twice with you guys, and i used to be on the staff in the server (although i eventually left since the server died). it was a great label, and i’m sure it will be great once again. and if you guys need help running melo, i’d be open to helping you out in any way possible.

She seemed to be doing well. Says she’s trying to work on a few things here and there but is super busy (school? busy? whaaa). We’ll always have a Sana shaped hole in us as long as she’s away but it’s nice to know she’s keeping up music despite in spite of everything life’s throwing at her. :smile:


Good deal :slight_smile: yeah life has a tendency to happen lol