Megalovania Remix 2.0 B.O.S.S. - BobTheGUYYYYY [Electro, House, Remix]

Back at it again with another track! This time I revisited an oldie. Go ahead and listen to the original if you want to hear something really bad. :sweat_smile:

Anyways, here’s the 2.0 Remix!


If you’re wondering what the B.O.S.S. Is there for, it actually stands for Because Osharu Said So. I only did this remix because @Osharu suggested it in my VG Remix idea thread, so props to him!

Hope you guys dig it. Peace out!

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First of all…I didn’t say so, I only suggested… :joy:
Second of all, I still have to listen to this song, as I’m quite busy Rn…lol

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No it was a good thing! I had a blast remaking this song!

TBF, you also challenged my determination, and I wasn’t just gonna let that sit.

I just though the acronym was kinda cool so ye


:blush: :joy:

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