mmmm lez collab

btw it is ok to change my chord ,drum pattern and melody
Just don’t change my melody to a different thing
: )

Yo I’ll work on it if that’s ok

bro i change something plz check it

and sorry for everyone who’s currently working on the project
plzplzplz work on this one


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Please, enjoy c:

I added some scenes, and even a dramatic silence hehe. Oh, and I added a drop. Hope you love it.

Added some elements to the drop

idk i was just bored so i made this
[would’ve been nice if it had a twist after that break (last ~4 scenes) like dubstep or something but these are just my random suggestions]

btw you don’t need to use it if you don’t want to, i was just playing around

I wanna hear what u changed but everytime I try to open the song auxy crashes lol

lmao but honestly i didn’t really change much and the mixing on my parts is pretty bad because i made it in like 30 minutes

also i’ve just realized that i shamelessly deleted half of pretenditsokay’s part because i thought that “pretend it’s okay drop” is not a name aaaaaa
don’t use my version

Time to move on
Btw I love orchestra music so I try to make it in the project

Can I join?

I did something

I’ll go next

I’ll work on something after WiseTheodore

Btw someone plz fill this part

I can make a drop for that part