Max Ritcher - On the nature of daylight [Guitar Cover]

That’s a big undertaking. That track is such a subtle masterpiece.

I think your got a reasonable foundation, but it feels like it needs to build sooner. Subtle layers. Something to add texture and evolve the interest.

Up until Scene 6 (iirc), the notes are sparse enough to feel passably natural. As more complex guitar melodies are introduced, the quantisation becomes increasingly apparent - and we’re reminded that this is sequenced midi.

It’s a tough one to crack, to work around that midi quantisation. I think you have the skeleton there, though you need to figure out a proper way to end the piece.

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Yes its a tough one, lots of things to do but Im gonna delete the guitars and make it orchestral that’s easier to me

I think the guitar works well enough at the start, while the melody is still quite sparse.
More nuance in the ‘performance’ would add depth. So, rather than deleting the early guitars entirely, consider ways to make them feel more natural.

Explore using soft notes and subtle Volume, Shape and Tone to mimic more human variance in the performance.