Matik - Bright Candy Skies [Album]

I’ve been thinking about making an album for a while now, but its sort of hasn’t really been planned out until just recently. As a new start to the year, I wanted to release an album to really show myself out to the community instead of lurking around posting one or two songs every several weeks.

So, I am excited to announce Bright Candy Skies, a Future Bass album currently in the works!

I know I’m announcing this pretty early, but I just wanted to get it out to the public for all of you to get excited about! So hope you guys are looking forward to this! I’ll be progressively releasing each track once I’ve finished them, so keep your eyes peeled!



I’m excited! Looks like you and I are both working on something :wink: .

An equal exchange of excitement woop woop!

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i also maybe took the idea of one of your unfinished projects with chords on hihats

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An update that I have a new track in the album!

Go check it out here: