Making your own sounds

I’m not sure if this is a good idea or a bad one. I really love Auxy but I would love it even more if you could fully created your own sounds (I know you can customise instruments) If Auxy could do this it would be really cool! Thanks!

U can just import sounds

I know u can but it is hard for me to do. I thought it would be easier to make sounds on the app

Getting direct access to the synth engine underneath Auxy has been a recurring request for years.

The UI on it is sufficiently gnarly that the Auxy team are reluctant to make it available directly to users as-is.

I think this might be one of the most recent exchanges on the topic…

Alright :ok_hand:

You said this on another thread to this exact person

It would be nice, like a simple version of ableton’s Wavetable.

there is nothing wrong with it

Never said it was wrong, said it was a copypaste


This was also in the most wanted features

i can’t tell if you’re joking because this isn’t copy paste it’s just the same answer from the same person to the same person

I’m so confused


They copied and pasted it from one thread to another


that’s not how it works

? I haven’t been on Auxy much lately, what’s all the chattering about?