Making songs from you avatars (might be a stupid idea xD)


Hello.As I said it might be a stupid idea,but I’m making 1 minute songs as an inspiration from your avatar.And I might not do them in time too so yeah.ONLY 16 PEOPLE ARE ALLOWED.I also made one for X-[K].

And yes! I’ll be using FL Studio.


Kind of an interesting idea :thinking:


this sounds like a cool idea, im excited to see how it turns out!


I have no idea what any of this means, but lets do it anyways. :rofl:


Hm… an interesting experiment indeed.


To everyone who signed:

I will do these tracks in order.


Hmm… interesting.

Eager to see what this will turn out to be.


Everyone: Interesting…


Lmao, well it IS interesting after all.


Very very interesting :smiley:. I would like to see the outcome of this so im in


Yaet me into dis pls


cool idea, i’d like to see how you interpret mine.


My avatar’s extremely interesting


Hmmm.I think that I will came up with something.


@Tornait go into my link and type your name there.And you will be there


uhhh can u make one for me? it sounds very interesting…


Sure thing man


How many people are in this? I kinda want in


What’s an avatar in this context


Same thing I was wondering

I’m guessing it’s just your artist name, if it’s any different form your really name.