Making market! (idk what else)

Hey guys! So, the last time I made a art logo making market, AGAIN, it went bad. This time, I’ve made changes around the marketing skills. Here’s where you can promote your art business. Thanks @cursed for the help you’ve given me for. And now here’s the changes!

  • I’m always open for commissions!

  • I make: Art, logos, cover art & album art.

  • DM me for which one you need!

Okay, that’s all for today folks! @iammane, sorry if I made you upset about this, but people need their logos, art, cover art or album art helped by me. Gtg, peeps!

You’re right, I do need help from you. Could you make me a logo? No guarantees that I’ll use it, but I’d love3 to see what it looks like. Thanks!


Yeah. All you do is dm me!

Josh the logo art savior. This is truly magnificent. You have brought peace and wisdom to other people. We thank you kind sir.


Your welcome, mate.

How about a complex 3D render of an astronaut helmet? I am in dire need of your help


Idk if I can do that…

can you make a blank background with text that says xlxk in arial font 144 point 3000x3000 res output cmyk color and png format with noise reduction filter layered on? If not no worries


Look, here’s one thing I know: how about I make a background not with a black background. I’ll use one of my photos I took yesterday that is perfect for the logo, sounds good?