Making Guitar Chugs?

With the new sound pack, there may be a way to make some electric guitar sounds. Here was my attempt:

Do you guys have any ways of creating electric guitar-like sounds? Digital rock/hardcore has always been a dream genre of mine to try out.


That’s some really awesome sounding guitars you got there! I would love to put a metal song I wrote on guitar into Auxy, but there isn’t that many options for guitar sounds with distortion.

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Thanks! Yeah, it kinda sucks that there’s no real electric guitars, so I have to come up with my own : P

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I would love to see you develop that idea you had going on the project! It sounds awesome!

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I most likely will :]

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if you add delay it makes a nice little effect,

lmk if this link works or not

or if that doesn’t work,

I know they look identical, but one link has a capital I instead of a lowercase L.

Both links are broken :c

give me one sec…

im using my school laptop to message on disco, but the service here is trash, so it may be a little while before I can post it from my phone.

Wonderful job on this^

I can’t wait to tryout more of the Rock/Trap genre
Lots of artists even some mainstream (like Grandson) have been making this trap, heavy, rock type of beat. Lookin forward to trying it

This should be working now