Make a track with the demo sounds of Auxy


Hey guys ArGee here and today I got a new challenge for you guys :blush: Make a track with the demo sounds of Auxy
Don’t worry there is no deadline
Pls give the projects in the comments below :point_down:t2:
Goodluck :+1:t2:
— ArGee


I hope you like it! ^^


@Katki it’s amazing :wink:


Thank you!


Romantic dance beat artist JACK the KING


@Dilesh123 nice bro!


I did one already


Ill get the link



Idk something quick :joy:


Made a lot of tracks with the demo sounds.

This is my favourite out of all of them:


Nice song!


It’s nice though​:+1:t2::clap:t2:


Nice bro!





@ArGee Is it fine if I made a whole EP with the original sounds?

I worked really hard on this! I hope you enjoy my hard work :>


You used a piano which wasn’t in the original sound pack. I think you confused the demo sounds with the original sounds :sweat_smile:


Everything I’ve posted so far is from just using Demo Sounds (excluding the Auxy Demo Remastered tracks).


OP just says demo sounds not original sounds tho, so technically now that we’re in V5 those are the “demo” sounds