Make a song using ONLY ‘Odd makeup’

I LOVE THIS PACK! I want to see some cool ideas!

  1. You can use drums

  2. You can use two instruments from any other pack

  3. Have fun!


Example: You guys can use this :fortune_cookie:

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I really like Ray with pitch up

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Only used odd make up and drum!
I didn’t expect to enjoy the pack this much!
The sounds are so lovely

2 Likes What do you guys think?

Nicely done!


Nostalgic! Nice!

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:ok_hand: that was something

Eh, It’s not good, just a one shot build.
Kind of cartoony and I’m pretty sure I put it in the wrong key.

I’ve been doing a lot of experiments recently and I think I’m beginning to forget how to make actual music now.


I might give something a shot, probably close to what little spikes put together. More minimal techno kinda stuff maybe!


I’m looking forward to it