Make a hardcore song challenge

Here is the track. Make something hardcore out of this. The link is here:

Open to 10 january

What genre would hardcore be?

Oh how ive waited for this moment, i love this genre. Give me some time lol

Hardcore is a genre funny enough, full off loud fast hard hitting kicks that make your soul question what the actual &)&/£-&&; you just listened to🤣

Hardcore isn’t bad in my opinion.

“Winner wil get a price”!!! The spelling is pretty great👌

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Hardcore is too much for me in my opinion so ima do future bass instead or maybe slap house lol

Dude I love slap house also.

Not too much of a fan of making house ect, id have to have it with my own aesthetic if i wanna like it lol, i have too much energy in my music

Alright this is what I’ve done so far. Ran out of time I’ve got stuff to do lmao so everything is all over the place atm.
I’ll fix the intro and build up tomorrow


Oh damn you did what I’m kinda doing further on in the track :joy:sweet


I wasn’t rly trying to make hardstyle tho. I was going more 90’s DNB which I think is rly noice!

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Yep defo my cup of tea


Can I use these amen breaks in songs for soundcloud?

Go crazy dawg


idk anyone else who works with amen break so if you wanna make something lemme know