Magical place - overdose mashup (grandson)

magical place - od mashup
i mashed up my song magical place with overdose, a cautionary tale that i love the sound of. i don’t know the rules for copyright but credit for the end and beginning goes to grandson, i arranged it, and i made the middle
also the drums belong to @anechoik but i made em crunchy

it’s about gh325 anddd it has lyrics but they suck

la, la, la

(it’s a magical place)

secrets and signals
paper and pencil
it’s all in your head
it’s all in your head
don’t you remember
don’t you remember

it’s like a bad trip, a secret til you let it slip, bite your lip, it’s a navy submarine disguised as a cruise ship

they say ignorance is bliss, it’s a blessing and a curse, forget safety first, just push the button when he say the word,

forget begging for your life, now you begging for the knife, ain’t got no motivation, living off the medication

oh no it doesn’t stop at this, so innocent, you know that sh*t more than just a medicine,
you don’t read the writing on the walls, cause you wrote it
it messes with your mind, you are not fine and you know it
you just wanna know bout the ulterior motive
tell ‘em put it to your head and you keep it locked and loaded

need to know, need to know
there’s a weight on my soul
need to know i need to know
theres a pattern that it shows

need to know i need to know
i need to know i need to know
i need to know i need to know
i need to know i need to know
i need to know i need to know

and i won’t f ing stop
(t-t-till i hit the floor comatose!)

it’s a magical place.
it’s a magical place.

that’s the thing that brought coulson back from. the dead

remixed it and ummm yes

also yes I changed my producer name to mechtech

do you not have anything better to do then post every 2 seconds on this dead website


I have minecraft

another mechtech remix

yet another remix by yours truly

this is very yummy

I bet you’re talking about the original post so I’m gonna say this: YOU’RE CORRECT

my remixes are as (woah there that’s bad) as heck

i mean both :sob::sob: they are good!

Haven’t seen your name in a bit

hi thank you

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