MackyJ Released Music

Hey peeps. I’m MackyJ and I got some music on soundcloud. You’re more than welcome to check it out and give me some feedback. I’m always looking to improve and collaborate with others. Hit the link down below to hear one of my newest tracks. Hope you enjoy!!!


This is cool!

Could I remix this?

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Yeah. Just show me some love when you release it

Here you go:

Hmm, the project sounds a lot different than the song you linked at the top. Did you send me the right one?

That’s not it either, lol



I’m so sorry, my stuff must’ve gotten mixed up. Try this one:

Please let me know if this is right and again, sorry about the inconvience.

Hey peeps, I just dropped another track called her. Let me know what you think.

Disturbia on SoundCloud. Check it out:

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Hey - might I suggest having a thread for each of your releases rather than putting new stuff all in one? This way you can get feedback on individual tracks instead of everything being jumbled together. It’s also (almost) scientifically proven that the longer a thread gets the more weird and off-topic it gets.


Yeah. Will do👍🏾