LUIIMAVII - Quantum Reality. (Remix)

I’m not asking nothing specific or special. Just give it a try:) have fun! This one is the original project

You have till 8/8/22. The winner will be announced here and if wants credit of course I will give credit. All good protect will be up on streaming platforms

I will give it a try!

Alright. Send full project to participate;)


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This is actually good @Zepi if this the final project let me know so I can give full credit! :pinched_fingers:t5:

Yep this is the final project!

Yea I’m down, Does uploading it to my Soundcloud count as a submission?

@DreadedClout this song has been uploaded before. I’m not the owner only the messenger but this time this one has copyright. Idk if that’s make you a problem. But for better send the full version of your project and we will be taking care of that copyright thing . ~ø

So can I ask you how it has a copyright issue and will you be going to upload the project on SoundCloud?

How do you want me to explain the copyright thing?.
When you remix a song, you’ve created what copyright law calls a “derivative work”. Generally, one is supposed to have permission from the original copyright owner to create and/or distribute that derivative work . Without this permission, you’ve committed infringement.

How would I be solving the problem? The owner especially choose me to have the bests project. I’ll be choosing the best and complete project and send it back to him. That’s all what I’m doing here:)

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About the upload: all music and their artist or creator will be mentioned or given credit. If they don’t want credit for it, we understand.

All music will be appearing on modern music stream platforms such as Apple Music, Spotify, Yt Music, Shazam, TikTok, Facebook and IG, Pandora music etc. Not only on SoundCloud!

Thanks,now I understand
Also thats very cool for you to have it upload to multiple platforms. For me i would like to be credited (if I get a chance to win):laughing:

Oh yeah my bad i just noticed its someone elses :joy: no worries, is there a limit on samples?

Here it is!


Thats amazing bruh damn, my genre is the complete opposite :rofl: more variety atleast

Hey! Great job doing this. Remember y’all, if need any change or feel like you have a better project than the previous. Just send it back again and make sure to say what project are you using for the contest

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Yeah Im focused on Rnb/lofi style :sweat_smile: what’s yours?

I focus on a big mix really, alternative style genres like dark trap, dnb/breakcore ect

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Yo this has gotten a ton of attention so ima try smt

Yeah tbh I might touch on mine a little more so it matches my style. Thanks for letting us know we could do that😅

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