LuiiMavii - Dance with me pt2 (collab)

“Dance with me” will have a pt2, and LuiiMavii it’s looking for someone who wants to be part of a fun and great project. This project main rhythm it’s the point of it, but you can make suggestions and changes of curse.

LuiiMavii - Dance With Me Pt2:

Make sure to send back the project! All person who participate in this, will have credit if wants. ~ø

Is there a way i could be a part of this as a remix instead? I literally just thought of a cool idea for it but it would require ALOT of changes

@DreadedClout Show it to me (priv if needed) maybe I like it. I know that the main point of the song it’s the rhythm, but if you have a great idea that involves the change of the rhythm, tempo, notes, etc. Just show it to me. Maybe we can do a lil EP together.

Sure thing ill get to working on it then!

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