Lowey - Vertices [DnB]

I finished this track months ago and it’s been sat on SoundCloud as a private track ever since. I couldn’t quite decide whether or not I was happy with it so it’s just been sat there. Now I’m sick of it being there just collecting dust, so I’ve bitten the bullet and released “Vertices” for your listening pleasure (or repulsion — you tell me). :slight_smile:


Heck the fricc yeah!

Love it. Why you sit on it for so long?! I’m gonna give it another listen on another pair of cans in a bit but even on my crummy work phone headphones I can tell it sounds super slick


I honestly can’t remember which part I was unsure about now, :smiley: that’s part the reason I’ve released it. I suspect there may have been an element of just having listened to it too many times in a short period making me sick to the back teeth of it at that time. Now that I’ve had a long break from it, it sounds better than I remember it sounding a few months ago…

Yeah man, the same happens to me. Some of the stuff I put on SC a month or so ago I was sitting on for like months. It wasn’t event exported, the project was literally just sitting in Auxy. Finally I was like you know what, I haven’t touched this in any way in weeks, I guess that means it’s done. And I didn’t hate it. So I guess that means it’s ready? haha.

Love it though. Always looking for good DnB coming out of here :slight_smile:


Pretty much sums up my release process :joy: