Love u (ft. james lucien). - By THIS. [lo-fi hip-hop]

made this in auxy and added the vocals to it in garage band. it’s a little taste of my album “7” that’ll be released in roughly 2 weeks. first attempt at lo-fi hip-hop.

there are still two collab spots open. if anyone’s interested, just pm me on sc or here.


Love this. But I can’t understand the vocals. Kinda adds to the vibe in my opinion though

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yup. they’re not listenable on purpose :smiley: glad you like it.

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What’s the lead melody synth on the song? Sounded like Jelly but not sure

well the saxy one is fragment and the main melody a mixture of bo and tourist.

I like it haha, the muffled downpitched vocals fit the vibe perfect. I’ll have to listen again later on my “not work headphones” which sound like utter butt :slight_smile:

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Thanks xD I liked getting to work with THIS on it, it was a new experience. But like it was seriously a pain to do x3 so much work xDDD

LOL I listened again on better headphones, I love it haha. It’s like a rapped vocal chop lmao, that is the sh!t man. I bet it was a pain to put together but it was worth it!!!

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I just had to do a lot of retakes, THIS handled the chopping part. Each time a part didn’t work I had to do it again x3

Id love to collab

pm me with your sc link

I like it.

In my opinion…

The kick drum pattern feels too perky for the general vibe, due to the amount of kicks and swing in there.
It’s accentuating the bounce in the rhythm, that doesn’t quite gel with the overall vibe.
Wondering if a ‘lazier’ kick pattern might support the lo-fi vibe better.

Similarly, the drum sounds feel a little perky and lightweight too, imo.

I’m not sure Auxy really has anything that would fit well.

You’re already using Garageband, so I’d consider using something like DM1 for the drums, finding sounds that feel more authentically hip-hop/r&b, and layering those in instead.

It made a real difference when I tried it.

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I listened to this earlier today man it sounds sick! Its nice to hear people getting vocals over tracks. Solid effort!

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you could’ve just left it at “I like it.”


If someone asks for feedback, give it to them. Other than that, you have two options. You could leave the post alone or just give them private feedback.



I really have to wonder, what kind of music maker doesn’t welcome feedback - especially when they’re engaged with a music makers community?

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