Losing Sleep - Insolidarity :insolidarity: [Retrowave, Chill]

I’ve been up most of the night doing this. It goes out to my Girlfriend Caitlin, who’s always supported my music and has had several sleepless nights talking about the future with me

Anyway enough with the sap:



Please comment feedback, take into account I’m running on yesterday’s six hours of sleep and also this is supposed to be smooth… :joy::ok_hand:t2::zzz:

Ps. The cover art up there doesn’t match the one posted but this one is better, I’ll get around to changing it on SC when I’m a little less sleep deprived


Thank you for linking the song so we can listen to it.

Not. :wink:

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Oh dang

Fixed it

It gud

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What did you think of the time signature

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Good answer

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Y-you too

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