Losing followers! Need help!

Ok, I know that there are other problems with losing followers and there are many posts about this. But just two days ago I’ve lost almost half of my followers. This is starting to happen more frequently now.

If you noticed any lost followers please visit this page and hopefully we can see what’s wrong. This is a big problem for all mine and your followers.

Anymore questions just message me on auxy.

Tropical Madman

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This may not be the cause, but most likely all of those followers were bots because it seems like SC clears them out in big groups every now and then - why you lost them all at the same time. Also, I looked at your profile and noticed you have uploaded quite a few songs, and I know that, at least for me, every time I upload a new track I get one or two bot followers, so this is probably what happened.


Most likely bots. If you don’t wanna see huge purges from your follower count, then you should probably block them. They disappear from your count when you do that.


The followers don’t matter as long as you make good music


Yeah true. New followers do come i everynow and then. But I’m still getting there to making good music still. Im trying to figure out how to get good melodies and stuff.