Looking for female vocal artists

Hey guys, I got my heads on some spare headphones and made a track, but I need female vocal artists with a clear American accent. Age around 15 - 25 is preferred, dm me if you fit the requirements or know someone that does.

-Little Baby

Is this someone you’re willing to pay or are you just looking for someone to freely offer vocals?

if It’s post worthy, I will pay for the vocals

Athena Dawn and Tehillah Henry are super talented and they worked really well with me. I’m sure you can still find them on Fiverr.com. If not, you might be able to reach out to them through Soundcloud.


No problem :slight_smile: Good luck

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Aim for post-worthy and don’t finish it until it is. :+1: :slight_smile:


Hello little Baby, I have the same situation - did you find a good singer back in April that you can recommend for a trancey production ?

I’m used to hearing Trance vocals similar to Oceanlab, maybe you can find someone with a similar voice and style?

I requested @ Tahilla, she is working on it now. Will post the final result soon !

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I’ve choosen Fateen, her voice is amazing.

Have a listen: https://soundcloud.com/milch_mann/je-ne-pas-parle-francais-edit-with-faden

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