Looking for extra songs for Video Game Megacollab - BobTheGUYYYYY [Collab]


All the needed tracks are covered, but if you’d like to contribute your talents to an alternate theme or extra music, do it here before the rest of the songs are finished!

Songs in progress/ done already:

  1. Plains level- Zoruwhite https://soundcloud.com/zoruwhite-official/solemn-plains
  2. First Boss- OsharuPerez https://soundcloud.com/osharuperez/bobs-video-game-ost-first-boss
  3. Desert level- HGXN
  4. Desert Boss- Tree https://soundcloud.com/sound-entity/bobs-video-game-ost-desert
  5. Water level- Foxlike https://soundcloud.com/f0xl1k3/bobs-video-game-ost-water
  6. Water Boss - FLB100 https://soundcloud.com/flb100/bobs-video-game-ost-water-boss-flb100
  7. Jungle level- Bassment_Chemists https://soundcloud.com/dylan-quinn-smith/bobs-video-game-ost-jungle
  8. Jungle Boss- Mr_Mooo https://soundcloud.com/mr_mooo/jungle-boss
  9. Sky level- DHO
  10. Sky Boss- Obex-G
  11. Mountain level- El1011 https://soundcloud.com/xn-extras/bobs-video-game-ost-mountain
  12. Mountain Boss - Sunny https://soundcloud.com/alwayssunnyinlogan/bobs-video-game-ost-mountain
  13. Ice level- magnadeus https://soundcloud.com/user-370863299/bobs-video-game-ost-frosted
  14. Ice Boss- Sunny https://soundcloud.com/alwayssunnyinlogan/bobs-video-game-ost-ice-boss
  15. Lava level- Maland2016 https://soundcloud.com/maland2016/bobs-video-game-ost-magma-mountain-mayhem
  16. Lava Boss- BobTheGUYYYYY https://soundcloud.com/bobtheguyyyyy/bobs-video-game-ost-lava-boss
  17. Underworld level- Zoruwhite https://soundcloud.com/zoruwhite-official/ndrwrld-zoruwhite
  18. Final Boss- The_Osprey
  19. Secret Final Boss- BobTheGUYYYYY and The_Osprey
  20. Hidden Boss- LittleSpikes

thank you in advance :upside_down_face:



hey can i help?

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@HXGN Sure! Which one do you want to do?



hmmmm i could probably do desert level or final boss

ill take desert cuz i wanna leave final for someone with more experience than me

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Coo cool. DM me the :soundcloud: link when you’re done



oh its an individual song ok awesome

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Can I do final boss? I have a really good track I’m working on.:wink:

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I’d love to do Sky Level!



@The_Osprey @DHO go for it!




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Oh my goodness. I am so in. Sky level or final boss. Wow I can’t wait.

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Can I?

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@obexg unfortunately the only song left open at the moment is Sky Boss… are you okay with that?

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I have been really busy lately so it will take me a while.

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No prob :+1:

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It is out dude! If u would like to join in I would be glad to count u in!

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oof i was supposed to work on mine with goxenar but then i stopped being @facade

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Sorry dude I just really wanted it finished

You can work on something else? Like alternate level themes? There’s a lot of room for more music so if you want to contribute you can :+1:

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alright man, i will. does it have to be a specific genre?

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