Looking for artwork creators?

Some of them, some are from public domain image sites.


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Those are all like death metal album covers

best. app. pitch. ever. :smile:

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pm me if you want something hand-drawn

I can draw stickmen

you should try PicsArt.

Hey guys if you ever need some art for one of your tracks just send me a pm! I’ll charge $5 for it and I’ll let you see a demo of it before I charge you. If anybody is interested let me know!

If you want something cartoony I can draw it for ya free of charge ^^

If you want someone to criticise critique it, I’ll do that for free. :wink:

In the interest of keeping things tidy I figured I’d cannibalize this request and maybe we could leave it open / long standing. I’d assume there’s always going to be people looking for artwork assistance so this could be a springboard for those discussions.

Instead of there being a boatload of threads on the same subject.

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