Looking for an old song

Hey… It’s been almost 4 years since i touched this site but I’ve come back for some help…

I recently had memories of an old song I can remember from when i was involved in this community, it was a lofi song posted by blackocean and was called something along the lines of “Brighter Days” or something like that.
I remember really liking the song but as I’ve looked back to try and find this song again, I have no luck so the song must have been deleted from soundcloud.
I can also remember the song being played in the back of one of Produk’s auxy tutorials on youtube, but I cannot locate that particular video either.

If anyone has any clue on where this song is or if it still even exists anywhere, I would love to hear any infomation anyone might have.


Sadly I don’t know why but he left the community and deleted his Soundcloud account
I also have been listening to blackocean back in the days when he made a lot of unique songs one of them is “Crimson” and since he left I also couldn’t find it other than the demo of the song and remixes.
I hope you find it soon. The mods might help you